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Bev Creech offers tax preparation Services in Napa

Building New Techniques; From what used to be, to what can be
I will help you make a Blueprint for what you need, nurture you in explaining what you don’t understand with my knowledge, and then we come to the final action of a completed return.
I have had several new & old clients come into my office and sit down in front of me, and tell me how terrified they are of getting their taxes done. The anxiety that comes from them has been so strong at times, I felt exactly what they were feeling.
I try to take that anxiety away from them by sitting down with them and explaining step by step what they should do and make a list for them to obtain the information that is needed to complete a return for them.
The most joy I receive from my profession is taking that person who is terrified and show them that it doesn’t take much to get their information together and now they are one of my first clients on that appointment list to get their taxes done.
Certifications (renewed annually)
– Annual Filing Season Program with the IRS
– California Tax Education Council
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